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Commercial Outdoor Misting Fan System

Misting Systems

Misting Fans

We have huge experience in designing customised misting fan solutions to give the perfect cooling result. They are great in humid situations, and safe if you're even producing water sensitive goods.

AC Pre Cooling

Refrigeration and air-conditioning account for up to 60% of commercial building energy use. SmartMist AC pre-cooling cools the air before it enters your air-conditioning or refrigeration units.

DIY Misting

There are low pressure DIY mist kits that you can just hook up to your water faucet and bring misting to your patio in minutes. These are a very low cost option that work “OK” in really dry climates.




Dust Suspension

Manufacturing sites produce micron sized dust particles. Our fogging systems produce micro-droplets that can suppress your dust, and increase equipment performance, reliability and production quality.

Commercial Misting

We can customise a solution to cool your commercial space by up to 30°C. The pressurisation system delivers micro-droplets that evaporate once they hit the air and rapidly cool it.


Odour Control Misting

Our fogging system optimize the odour in a way that eliminates the risk of dampness or water buildup. Discover a new, environmentally friendly way to deal with unwanted odours.





Hospitality Misting

Cooling your outdoor dining area can increase revenue. Our misting systems work the same as a cool ocean breeze, by produce micro-droplets that evaporate once they hit the air and rapidly cool it

Livestock Misting

We can help you provide a cooler, more comfortable environment for your livestock. We have extensive experience in designing customised solutions especially in horse stables and race courses.