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Radiant Heater

Alfreso Strip – Streamline Radiant Heater


Like our Architectural Series the Alfresco Strip can provide heat for your outdoor areas, without becoming an unobtrusive addition to your outdoor space, with no light or glow.

Outdoor Radiant Heater


Our Alfresco Strip are streamline radiant heater, that provide directional heat, which creates sun-like heat.


They can be placed in both traditional or contemporary spaces with easy.Alfresco Strip heater is challenging traditional heating with it’s advantages of low carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and becoming a new trend of healthy & comfortable warming style.


Radiant Heater Specifications


Model S1800  
Dimensions (Width) 1m or 3'3"
Power (Watts) 1800
Heating Area 1.8m x 1.8m or 6'1" x 6'1"
Model S2400  
Dimensions (Width) 1.5m or 4'11"
Power (Watts) 2400
Heating Area 2.1m x2.1m or 6'10" x 6'10"